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Wine Catalog

Wine Catalog

Siete Fincas

Siete Fincas

Siete Fincas : Argentina

  • Siete Fincas "SF" Torrontes
  • Siete Fincas Sauvignon Blanc
  • Siete Fincas Malbec
  • Siete Fincas Cabernet
  • Siete Fincas Secreto Cabernet Franc
  • Siete Fincas Secreto Red Blend
  • Siete Fincas Gran Secreto Malbec special order

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Anton Bauer

  • Anton Bauer Rose
  • Anton Bauer Ried GMIRK Gruner Veltliner
  • Anton Bauer Riesling 'Berg'
  • Anton Bauer Zweigelt
  • Anton Bauer Pinot Noir 'Wagram'

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  • Meinklang Bugenland White
  • Meinklang Burgenland Red
  • Meinklang Frizzante Rose 'Prosa'
  • Meinklang Pinot Noir
  • Meinklang Blaufrankish

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  • Clos LaChance Syrah
  • Clos LaChance Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Clos LaChance Meritage
  • Clos LaChance Zinfandel

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Housley's Century Oak Winery

Housley's Century Oak Winery

THE WINEMAKER: Bayard Fox has made his reputation as a true “Rhone Ranger” producing Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, Roussane and Rose from hand selected vineyard locations throughout California.

  • Century Oak Cabernet - Judy's Vineyard
  • Century Oak Zinfandel
  • Century Oak "Adam and Tamera's" Field Blend
  • Century Oak Chardonnay
  • Housley's Napa Cabernet (Century Oak) - special order

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Victor Hugo Winery

  • Victor Hugo "Les Mis" Rose
  • Victor Hugo The Hunchback
  • Victor Hugo Viognier
  • Victor Hugo Merlot
  • Victor Hugo Zinfandel
  • Victor Hugo Petite Sirah
  • Victor Hugo Cabernet
  • Victor Hugo Syrah
  • Victor Hugo Opulence

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Mile High Winery

  • Grateful Red Tempranillo
  • Mile High Winery Cabernet - flag label
  • Mile High Winery Zinfandel - flag label
  • Mile High Winery Syrah - Elk Label
  • Mile High Winery Tempranillo
  • Mile High Winery Viognier - river in the fall label
  • Mile High Winery Gewurztraminer - flatirons label
  • Mile High Winery Port - grateful dead label

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Avenue Terroir

Avenue Terroir
  • Plaisir Rose 3L Bag in Box
  • Moment de Plaisir Rose
  • Moment de Plaisir Rose
  • Chateau Les Granges cardboard
  • Chateau Les Granges wood box
  • Louis Vallon Cremant de Bordeaux White
  • Louis Vallon Cremant de Bordeaux Rose
  • Chateau Bruni wood box
  • Pamplonette Rose
  • Promesses de France Pinot Noir
  • Promesses de France Cotes du Rhone

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La Galope

La Galope
  • La Galope Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine de l'Herre
  • La Galope Malbec, Domaine de l'Herre
  • La Galope Rose, Domaine de l'Herre - Feb 2017

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Kovacs Nimrod Winery
  • Kovacs Egri Bulls Blood
  • Kovacs "Cool" Noir
  • Kovacs Kekfrankos
  • Kovacs Rhapsody
  • Kovacs Pinot Noir Clone 777
  • Kovacs Battonage Chardonnay
  • Kovacs Furmint
  • Kovacs Soul Syrah
  • Kovacs NJK - special order
  • Kovacs Grand Bleu Nagy Eged Grand Cru - special order

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Middle Earth Wines

Middle Earth Wines
  • Middle Earth Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Middle Earth Sauvignon Blanc 20L Petainer Keg
  • Middle Earth Pinot Gris 
  • Middle Earth Chardonnay 
  • Middle Earth Pinot Noir
  • Middle Earth Rose of Pinot Meunier

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Goodfellow Family Cellars

Goodfellow Family Cellars
  • Goodfellow Pinot Gris Willamette Valley
  • Goodfellow Pinot Gris Reserve Clover
  • Goodfellow Chardonnay Willamette Valley
  • Goodfellow Chardonnay Durant Vineyard
  • Goodfellow Chardonnay "Richard's Cuvee" Whistling Ridge - special order
  • Goodfellow Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
  • Goodfellow Pinot Noir Durant Vineyard
  • Goodfellow Pinot Noir, Whistling Ridge Vineyard - special order
  • Goodfellow Pinot Noir, Fir Crest Vineyard - special order

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The Herdade of S. Miguel aims to guarantee a great level of satisfaction to its clients, by producing wine with an excellent relationship of quality-price. To reach its objective, we promote the personal development of all staff, with a balanced return of all invested capital.

  • Ciconia Red 3L Bag in Box
  • Ciconia Vinho Verde
  • Ciconia Red
  • Ciconia Touriga Nacional
  • Ciconia Reserva

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"Veedha" means "life" in Portuguese. Three of the five main grapes found in sweet Port are used for this wine: Tinta Roriz, which provides some nice red fruit and tannins; Touriga Franca, which adds sexy floral notes and a velvety texture; and finally, Touriga Nacional, which contributes to its rich color. This makes for a wine with finesse, elegance and loads of complexity.

  • Veedha

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Forgeron Cellars focuses on producing true varietal wines. "My wines have a sense of place," Marie-Eve says. "They reflect their terroir, which is a composite of the vine location and the grower dedication. I practice minimal intervention winemaking, enabling each grape to fully express itself."

  • Forgeron Chardonnay
  • Forgeron Facon White Blend - special order
  • Forgeron Merlot
  • Forgeron Cabernet
  • Forgeron Facon Rouge (GSM)
  • Forgeron Anvil Cabernet - special order
  • Forgeron Anvil Chardonnay French Creek - special order

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