• Veedha


"Veedha" means "life" in Portuguese. Three of the five main grapes found in sweet Port are used for this wine: Tinta Roriz, which provides some nice red fruit and tannins; Touriga Franca, which adds sexy floral notes and a velvety texture; and finally, Touriga Nacional, which contributes to its rich color. This makes for a wine with finesse, elegance and loads of complexity.


This region through which the Rio Douro runs down to Porto produces very little red and white wine for domestic consumption as its grapes are reserved for the making of Port. The red table wines of this region have often been overshadowed by their famous port relatives, but recently the Douro has become known for high quality red wines at a very modest price. Ranging in style from fresh and vibrant Burgundian style reds to full bodied old world style monsters, there is something for everyone in this category. The white wine of the Douro tends to be delightfully fresh and fruity with a very pleasing aroma.


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The name Oreana comes from the grand ranching days of California’s Central Coast. Oreana is a term used by cattle ranchers for an unbranded calf that strays onto your property and is therefore yours to keep. Think of it as found treasure or the renegade spirit of this beautiful region and the wines we produce here.

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