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Housley's Century Oak Winery.
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THE WINEMAKER: Bayard Fox has made his reputation as a true “Rhone Ranger” producing Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, Roussane and Rose from hand selected vineyard locations throughout California.

Like most successful wine families, the Housley's began in the industry working the soil. Our Chardonnay grapes just outside Napa Valley's Stag Leap District received high marks and provided high quality fruit to several wineries. After about 15 years, the family decided that the Lodi Appellation offered a tremendous growing opportunity, in an area traditionally known as California's largest and first wine country.

The first 57-acre vineyard purchased in the mid 1990's continues to provide highly sought after Cabernet Grapes to wineries like Gallo of Sonoma. Other vineyards around the Acampo, Lodi and Woodbridge wine-growing areas have become a part of the Housley growing operation. The prize….a 20 acre Old Vine Zinfandel vineyard that epitomizes the worldwide recognition Lodi is receiving for its fine Zinfandel wines.

Our name comes from the famed valley oak tree that heads Century Oak's 40 main acre site. Valley Oaks are California's tree and have stood in California's heartland, like the Lodi Appellation, for centuries, ours is more than 100 years old. Known for their beauty, strength, history and size, we feel our wines are best represented by California's guardian, the Valley Oak.

In all this, we have developed the mission of Housley's Century Oak Winery: To provide top quality wine for a reasonable price.


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